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New clothes for Ronesshia who had so much stolen from her

Posted Jan 13, 2021
Ronesshia was running errands one day and something terrible happened. She had all of her clean clothes from the laundromat organized in her car when she went in to Walmart to buy some essentials. When she was walking back to her parking spot, she realized her car was nowhere to be found and had been stolen with so many belongings still inside. She currently only has 8 items of clothing while she is struggling to replace everything. She would be so grateful with some support in building back up her wardrobe. She was heartbroken to find her car and personal items stolen and is trying her best to remain hopeful and positive but it is really hard. This support would mean the world to Ronesshia.

Ronesshia is 19 years old and lives in Los Angeles, CA

Ronneshia is a teen parent of two baby girls. She is currently seeking employment and trying to start her lash technician business. She has little to no family support and is essentially on her own with her two little ones.

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