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A Tablet for Katie who loves to clap along to music

Posted Jan 28, 2021
Katie has autism and attends a specialized school. She has been working on regulating her behaviors and emotions and when she uses an appropriate coping skill or self soothes, she is rewarded with some time on her tablet. The tablet she had before was broken by another child in her resource home which broke Katie's heart. Katie would benefit from a new kids tablet with a tough case. She is able to relax and calm down when she focuses on using the tablet rather than everything going on around her. She would love to have this special tablet to use at school, at home, and on visits with her mom.

Katie is 5 years old and lives in Iselin, NJ

Katie is an active young girl. She has autism and attends a specialized school. She tends to have some trouble regulating her emotions and behaviors at times but is working hard on some strategies to help. She loves to listen to music and dance. She is non-verbal but will make noise and "sing" and clap along with the music.