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A Grocery Gift Card for Natalie and her children

Posted Feb 24, 2021
Natalie only made enough to pay rent this month and might run out of food soon. Natalie wishes for a grocery card to help her continue to eat healthy and nutritious food even when she can't make ends meet. Natalie is learning about budgeting and works hard to save money, but while she's in school she has difficulty finding a higher paying job. This grocery gift card would be a huge help for Natalie and her children. They would be so grateful to have food on the table.

Natalie is 23 years old and lives in Los Angeles, CA

Natalie is a very special young lady. She aged out of the foster care system and was homeless and hopeless for years. Before she joined her housing program, she was living in a tent and pregnant. Now she is housed and hopes to be her own boss one day. She has endured so much in her life and the system has created such a disadvantage in her life yet she continues to work hard to accomplish her goals. She is grateful for all that she has and wants to build a respectable lifestyle.