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Furniture and Decorations for Jessica's new apartment

Posted Mar 1, 2021
Jessica officially moved into her first apartment in December and has been trying her best to make her space fit her needs. Living in a studio apartment has pushed her to make every space a functional one. She has picked out a few items on Wayfair that she absolutely loves and would so appreciative of a gift card to help her order these items for her new space.

Jessica is 23 years old and lives in New York, NY

Jessica is a motivated and independent young woman who has aged out of NYC's foster care system. As a recent graduate from college, Jessica is not looking for a job while also trying to furnish her new apartment. Although juggling both job hunting and home-making can be a little stressful, Jessica is really excited to have her first apartment. She loves to build furniture and paint, so she has been very hands-on with turning her first apartment into her first independent home.