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A Recumbent Bike for Desiree who desires to become a healthier version of herself

Posted May 5, 2021
Desiree is a wonderful young woman who is struggling with her weight. She is over 350lbs and she truly wants to lose weight so she can be a healthy vibrant young woman however, she has not been successful. Furthermore, The COVID-19 pandemic has limited her ability to participate in sports at her school and engage in her normal athletic activities. Desiree would benefit from having a recumbent bike because it would give her an opportunity to exercise without putting additional stress on her joints and allow her to have some privacy in her workout routine. Having this bike and being able to lose weight, would help Desiree’ self esteem and help her with dealing with the depression associated with her weight gain.

Desiree is 17 years old and lives in Dallas, TX

Desiree is a sweet girl who LOVES to sing. She enjoys going to church each week and one of her favorite activities is singing in church. Desiree looks forward to this time each week and loves getting the chance to sing her favorite song, "On Eagles Wings," while at mass. She loves to watch movies and go on family outings. Desiree has been in foster care for 6 years. She is the 2nd to oldest of her siblings but loves to be the caretaker for all of her siblings. Desiree wants to be an engineer when she grows up. Desiree is unique because she truly has a kind, sweet, and loving spirit. She loves to help others and has a strong desire to succeed in life.