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A Kindle for Michelle who is rekindling her passion for reading

Posted Sep 21, 2021
When Michelle was younger, reading was her favorite way to cope when she was struggling. She was an avid reader and used to go through a book a day. Now, it is harder for her to find time to go to the library and it is expensive to continuously purchase books that the library does not stock. With this Kindle, Michelle can send herself free books and it can easily slide into her backpack for easy access on campus or anywhere else Michelle is. As an adult, it can be so easy to lose former passions with so many other responsibilities, and this gift will help Michelle keep her love for novels alive. This specific model will also help eliminate the risk of migraines for Michelle as is has a warm light rather then a bright light, which is what tends to give her migraines.

Michelle is 23 years old and lives in Arcadia, CA

Michelle spent 2 years in foster care. During this time the biggest challenge she faced was forming close connections with people she knew would be in her life temporarily. It was extremely difficult saying goodbye to people that she truly cared for. Michelle had to remind herself that she was lucky enough to have people in her life who cared for her and made saying goodbye so difficult. Today she is studying to become a LCSW and hopes to provide accessible therapy to underprivileged populations one day. Her favorite things to do are practice applying makeup, reading, going on walks with friends, and cooking.

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