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A ride on horse for Jasmine who has a huge obsession with being a cowgirl

Posted Sep 10, 2021
Jasmine is the sweetest little girl and likes to share all of her toys with her brother to make sure he is happy. For her birthday, Jasmine thought it would be so fun to have TWO ride on horses so that they could both be a cowgirl and a cowboy on Jasmine's birthday. This would be the first time Jasmine and her brother wouldn't have to take turns! Jasmine wishes for the beautiful black horse, and her brother will be wishing for a beautiful brown horse. Jasmine really hopes both of their wishes come true for her birthday! Jasmine would love this gift more than anything. Being able to play cowgirl and cowboy with her brother who is her best friend would allow that adorable smile and giggle to burst through constantly. Jasmine and her brother's play routine consists of them both dressing like cowgirls and cowboys with their favorite cowboy boots, while dancing around to country music and acting like they are riding horse. Having a ride on horses would make Jasmine the happiest little girl and it will allow her to share her special Birthday wish with the most important person in her life.

Jasmine is 2 years old and lives in Phoenx, AZ

Jasmine is the sweetest little girl with the cutest laugh, smile, voice and imagination. She has killer dance moves and a huge obsession with horses and cowgirls and cowboys. Jasmine and her foster brother are so close that this little girl will always put him over her, especially when it comes to toys because she wants to see him happy. She will always let her brother use her new toys even if she wants to, she doesn't like seeing him cry. She and her brother are two peas in a pod. Jasmine is doing fantastic in her foster placement and loves it there so much.

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"I hope you and your brother have a wonderful time, I'm doing this in honor of my brother, David, who taught me my love of horses, he was my favorite cowboy, always appreciate your brother,."

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