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A Nintendo Switch Lite for Angelika who has made a lot of progress with her mental health

Posted Oct 12, 2021
Angelika is so proud of how far she has come in life. She has focused on taking care of herself and making sure that she uses her coping skills. One thing that is really helpful to her is playing video games. It helps her to relax and just be herself. This Nintendo Switch Lite is just what Angelika needs take some time for herself, relax, and have a great time.

Angelika is 19 years old and lives in San Jose, CA

Angelika's time in foster care felt like a roller-coster - she was always saying hello to new faces and goodbye to old ones. She moved more times than she can count, and it was really hard to keep starting over. Angleika is really proud of who the person she has become. She used to be toxic and violent but she has learned self love and her self worth and is a much better person because of everything she went through.

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