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Car Insurance Deductible for Autumn who needs to replace her windshield

Posted Nov 30, 2021
Recently, Autumn was traveling on the freeway, and a rock hit her windshield and created a huge spiderweb crack. As we all do, Autumn relies on her car for many things, including getting back and forth to work and to doctor's appointments. She is expecting a baby very soon, and with her car in its current state, she and her unborn baby are not safe. Autumn has come to One Simple Wish for help in paying her insurance deductible so she can get her windshield replaced as soon as possible. This wish will give her such peace of mind when she brings her brand new baby home.

Autumn is 24 years old and lives in Los Angeles, CA

Autumn is working through her trauma from her childhood, and has found a wonderful therapist who is helping her process all that she went through while in and out of care. After aging out of foster care, Autumn has worked hard to make a life for herself all on her own, and has made valuable connections in her community with local foundations and arts and culture non-profit organizations. Autumn's ultimate goal is to become a certified project manager, and help effect change in her community.

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