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A fun outting to Jenkinson's Aquarium for Fehmi during his sibling visit!

Posted Dec 19, 2021
Fehmi and his 4 siblings have visits together twice a month. During the summer and nice weather months they enjoy going outside to the park or the beach but during the winter or on bad weather days they have their visits in the DCPP office. 5 boys in a tiny room does not make for an enjoyable visit. Sometimes they play a board game and it's fine, but winter is long and the boys get bored. A gift card to Jenkinson's Aquarium as a stocking stuffer, would be a fun and educational outing for Fehmi and his brothers!

Fehmi is 3 years old and lives in Asbury Park, NJ

Fehmi just turned 2 and is a ball of fun! He loves to get into EVERYTHING and smiles or laughs while exploring. He loves his siblings and wants to do everything they are doing. Fehmi has spent a lot of time away from his mother but loves seeing her when they visit.

The Wish Story

Division of Child Protection and Permanency requests this wish for Fehmi.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Sherelle grants the wish for Fehmi! Thanks Sherelle.

"Fehmi, enjoy the Aquarium with your brothers. You all deserve a good time together. "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Division of Child Protection and Permanency for Fehmi.

Fehmi receives the wish from Division of Child Protection and Permanency

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