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A Double Baby Stroller for Olivia that can accommodate her toddlers and newborn

Posted Jan 9, 2022
Olivia has three little ones and relies on public transportation for everything from getting groceries to taking her children to the doctors. The double stroller would help her immensely to safely transport her children around town. As a young mother, she has done her best to meet the needs of her very young children and is very concerned about their care and safety. This stroller will be a lifeline for Olivia and her children.

Olivia is 25 years old and lives in TX

Olivia is a very resilient and positive person. Despite a number of challenging events in her life she meets each one with a "things will get better" attitude. She has had to learn to navigate the system and adulthood with very little support. She is resourceful but has learned that it takes a community at times to succeed. Appreciation is a quality that runs deep in her heart. She is never one to complain but a true survivor.

The Wish Story

Change 1 requests this wish for Olivia.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

*OSW Towards A Wish grants the wish for Olivia! Thanks *OSW Towards A Wish.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Change 1 for Olivia.

Olivia receives the gift from Change 1!

"Olivia was thrilled with the stroller! She wrote: "thank you so very very much so much they all got perfectly in it and love it ????" This was a tremendous help to her!"

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