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A Couch for Cary that will turn into a bed for her to get a good night's sleep

Posted Feb 5, 2022
Cary had to leave a scary domestic violence situation in 2021, and she had to leave most of her few possessions behind. She does not have a bed or a couch, and she is hopeful that this wish will fulfill both of those needs. Her son is autistic, and he has started to display eloping behaviors. She is thinking that if she can sleep in the living room on this couch/bed set up, she can safely know that her son is still in his room safe and sound, and if needed, she can catch him before he tries to leave the apartment. She is also in a very small apartment, so this compact couch will fit well in her small space.

Cary is 36 years old and lives in IN

Cary aged out of foster care after graduating high school, and has been making it on her own ever since. She had multiple placements in foster care, but her last foster family was very caring and loved her like she was their own child. Fortunately, she is still in touch with them and they are a positive support system in her life. Cary is a devoted mom to her autistic son.

The Wish Story

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"I hope you enjoy your new couch! Best wishes from Indiana!"

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