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A Lego Table for Westley who likes to build Lego fortresses

Posted Mar 23, 2022
Westley has started to really, really like building with Legos. His therapist utilizes Legos in their therapeutic sessions., and Westley likes to build large Lego fortresses. He imagines that he is a king and builds his castle and fortress around it. Westley is very precise when creating his buildings. He needs it to be tall and sturdy so that when the Vikings and pirates try to take it over they won't be able to break it down. Westley has a huge imagination and would love a Lego table to be able to continue to create with his Legos, and also have a place to store them.

Westley is 6 years old and lives in Newhall, CA

Westley is a kind young boy who likes to play with bugs, especially rollie pollies. He can spend all day outside searching for worms and other bugs. He likes to collect leaves for them to eat and place them back onto grass to keep them safe from people. Westley loves his resource family's front yard - it is a perfect place to find bugs.

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"Keep creating and dreaming! -Jess, NYC"

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Westley receives the gift from Penny Lane Centers !

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