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New Movies for Angelica to watch over the summer

Posted May 10, 2022
Angelica loves moves and shows. When she is having a bad day, she loves to just sit in her room on her bean bag chair and watch movies for hours. Angelica would love to expand her movie library for her downtime over the summer.

Angelica is 19 years old and lives in TX

Angelica is a sweet and smart child. She was diagnosed with Autism at a young age and has been able to overcome many obstacles. She is currently placed in a foster home with her brother. She loves to read then watch the movie on the book. Trying to get her to put down a book is very difficult. Angelica is a sweetheart and she always cares about other peoples feelings.

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Department of Family and Protective Services requests this wish for Angelica.

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OManagement Birthday grants the wish for Angelica! Thanks OManagement Birthday.

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Angelica receives the wish from Department of Family and Protective Services

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