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New Video Games and Bike for Noah who just had a birthday

Posted May 13, 2022
Noah used to be extremely shy and often kept to himself. However, even since he started living with his caregiver and family, he developed a love for riding his bike and playing video games with his brother and friends. Noah is growing taller and he can no longer comfortably fit on his bike. His birthday just recently passed, and he would also love to buy some new video games to play with his brother because they love to compete and see who would win. It would be wonderful to take Noah shopping so that he can buy a new bike to ride around the neighborhood and some new games to play with his family.

Noah is 13 years old and lives in Twentynine Palms, CA

Noah's family would describe him as quiet, distant, and shy when he first came to live with them. His caregiver noticed that he would often avoid any type of conflict as he was a victim of bullying when he was at school. However, ever since he started living with his family and siblings, he has grown into a social butterfly. Noah enjoys talking to his friends, playing sports with his siblings, watching TV with his family, and playing video games. Noah is always willing to help with anything and everything. He is a hard worker, seldom complains, and is a bright, easy-going young boy.

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"Thank you for the gift cards. I'm happy you choose us. I hope to enjoy what I get. It was nice that you help people in need. "

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