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A Burley Bee Double Bike Trailer for Max to enjoy bike rides with his family

Posted May 25, 2022
Max could really use a Burley Bee Double Bike Trailer so he and his sister can go on bike rides with the family. They are fortunate to be fairly young grandparents and love to take advantage of Minnesota's extensive and beautiful bike trails. Max has been able to ride in a bike seat and LOVES that, but his grandmother can only take one toddler at a time. A double bike trailer would allow them to go more frequently and also keep the sun and bugs off of them. If Max's wish were granted, he would immediately fall in love with the wheels! He would choose his spot, buckle in, and never want to get out!

Max is 4 years old and lives in MN

Max and his big sister, Ruby went to live with their grandparents when he was just six weeks old. He loves vehicles including construction machines, emergency vehicles, trucks, cars, helicopters, airplanes, and bikes. Anything that moves and makes noise! This little guy was a little bit behind in learning to crawl and walk due to his early life traumas. This makes it particularly exciting that he loves to be on the move and has a fascination with things that go. He has caught up and surpassed all developmental milestones which is partly due to his need to chase down his toy vehicles. He is a remarkable tot with a huge spirit and excitement for exploration.

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