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A Cricut for Laura take her Etsy business to the next level

Posted Jun 22, 2022
Laura currently must order her stickers and labels online and already made, and then wait for them to be shipped. Additionally, she makes her thank you notes for customers by hand. With this Cricut maker, she will be able to draw her own designs and then print them with the ease of doing it in home. By doing this she can save time and money, and cut out the middleman. She can also learn to make even more creative stickers and designs with the hundreds of preset layouts that come with the machine. There is even a setting where you insert a pen, and it writes what you program in it. This machine will really help her take her business to the next level!

Laura is 27 years old and lives in Long Beach, CA

Laura is a transfer student at CSULB . Her Major is Business Management. She recently started her own small business selling candles. She has always been drawn to use her creative side and by being able to use creativity in her day to day work she can now utilize both her managerial and creative sides. In her spare time, she likes to draw, hike, work out, create bead jewelry, candles and go on nature outings.