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A Unicorn Night Light for Valorie who is afraid of the dark

Posted Jun 23, 2022
Valorie is in foster care and struggles with night terrors. She would really like this unicorn lamp as she can have fun crafting it together with markers, glitter, and glue.

Valorie is 6 years old and lives in Bellingham, WA

Valorie is in foster care with her sister and they are thriving together. Animals and Paw Patrol are her two favorite things. She really wants to be in preschool but hasn't been able to start due to Covid. She keeps busy though, playing games and playing outside with her sister.

The Wish Story

Foster Hearts Region 3 requests this wish for Valorie.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Valorie! Thanks Awesome Human.

"The dark can be scary, but unicorns are magic! I hope this one helps you dream and keeps the nightmares away. XO -Lexi "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Foster Hearts Region 3 for Valorie.

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