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Cake Decorating Tips for Kates delicious cakes

Posted Jul 27, 2022
Kate has been getting into cake and pie making as she has progressed in school. She has made some amazing vegan cakes and has already shared some of these amazingly yummy goods with her family for kids birthdays. She has a couple decorating tips but as she gets better at this skill she would love some different types of tips that allow her to create more fancy designs and look more professional as she gets closer to selling these in the future.

Kate is 41 years old and lives in CO

Kate spent time in the foster care system when she was younger and has never stopped working hard to make a difference in her life. Whenever someone is in need, Kate is there for them. Some of her favorite things to do include crafting, baking, and planning and doing kid activities.

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"Give your yummy treats that extra touch you’ve wanted!"

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"Thank you for my new decorating tips i have been testing them out and have made some amazing designs on cupcakes so far"

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