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A Birthday Shopping Trip for Saul who is celebrate the big 16

Posted Aug 4, 2022
Saul is one of the most amazing teenagers you could meet. Saul has excellent grades in school, is an outstanding athlete, and is absolutely adored by his foster family. Saul has a huge birthday coming up in a few days which is a huge milestone for any teenager. Saul is turning the big 16 and getting his driver's license as his birthday gift from his foster parents. It is a huge accomplishment for any child in foster care to get a driver's license and Saul's foster family is committed to making his life as normal as possible. Saul spends all of his extra money on sports clothing, uniforms, and cleats. Saul has wished for a new wardrobe to start his junior year of school. Saul is an extremely tall teen and at 15 he stands 6ft1. Shopping is not easy for him as he has to comb the stores to find things that fit. Saul has asked for some new clothes for his birthday.

Saul is 15 years old and lives in York, NE

Saul is an incredibly smart athletic young man. Saul has bounced back and forth between foster care and his bio home his whole life. Through all of the transitions and trauma Saul has maintained and A/B average and has made it on the varsity high school sports team for wrestling and football. Saul dreams of being an architectural engineer and graduating from college. Saul loves UFC and is a gifted martial artist and boxer. Saul uses sports and working out as a coping mechanism to deal with all of the junk he has had to endure.

The Wish Story

Nebraska children and family services requests this wish for Saul.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Ben grants the wish for Saul! Thanks Ben.

"Happy 16th Birthday Saul! Hope you have the best day. Cheers to you!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Nebraska children and family services for Saul.

Nebraska children and family services receives the wish!

Saul receives the gift from Nebraska children and family services!

"Saul will be so happy when we give him this gift!! Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!"

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