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New School Clothes for Jasper who is starting school soon

Posted Aug 4, 2022
Jasper is now living with his grandparents since the court has granted them guardianship. His Grandparents are struggling to make ends meet now that they have multiple grandchildren in the home. Jasper has little to no clothing at her house. He starts school soon and is in need of school clothes.

Jasper is 9 years old and lives in CA

Jasper has an infectious giggle and is friendly to a fault. He doesn't really understand 'StrangDanger'. He loves dogs. Jasper loves music, singing, and dancing. He loves being outside and playing with dogs and other kids. His education is lacking as no preschool would take him, he is behind in speech and all subjects. In Kindergarten he was severely bullied at the after-school program, then the pandemic hit and he couldn't sit still during zoom class. He's a cuddly little boy with a lot of energy and a lot of fears including abandonment issues.

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"Good luck in the new school year! Best wishes! Matthew "

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