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Window Tint for Frankie's hot black car to stay cooler as she drives

Posted Aug 9, 2022
Frankie loves her new car, she is so excited to be able to drive on her own without having her neighbor take her everywhere. The one thing she did not consider when purchasing was that the car is black, it is extremely hot when she gets in and its almost unbearable to sit on the seats. She would love to add some tint to her windows to help keep it cool so she doesn't burn her legs when she sits on her seats and also to keep it cooler while she drives it. She plans to travel to California soon to see family and a little extra shade would be extremely helpful in the remaining months of Summer.

Frankie is 50 years old and lives in Grand Junction, CO

Frankie is a generous, kind women who raised 3 amazing children and has seen and been through many of life's challenges, she lost one of her children to Covid in 2021 but continues to push ahead and keep positive. She is currently living in Colorado but is trying to find a way to get back home to California, she prefers the consistent warm weather and beaches. She loves to garden and participate in many community activities where she can meet new people. She always has a smile on her face and loves to make people laugh.

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"Thank you so much for my window tint, I'm driving to California to see family and it will feel so much better to not have the sun directly on me while i drive my car"

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