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A Police Car Ride On for Luna to have fun with while getting over her fear of the police

Posted Aug 26, 2022
Luna is scared of the police because she witnessed several mental health safety checks and a traumatic eviction. She shows real trauma around them and is working with their local community liaison officer and starting to trust them more. Her 4th birthday is coming up in November, and her grandmom thinks having a power wheels police car to help her get over her fear of the police and role play helping people the way police officers do would be really helpful to her. If she was gifted the car, her Meemo would take it with them when she works with her liaison officer. It could be a wonderful therapy tool for her as well as something she could have a lot of fun driving around at home.

Luna is 3 years old and lives in Virginia Beach, VA

Luna is such a sweet and funny little girl who loves to make people smile and laugh. She was removed from her home and placed with her Meemo (grandmother) and is doing much better. She loves to reassure people when things go wrong that "that's ok", and at such a tender age is able to give people perspective on things that are not such a big deal, given much bigger things she's been through. She is constantly asking Meemo, "are you happy?" which reminds her to check her own mood.