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A Indoor Playset for Tyland to work on his developmental milestones

Posted Sep 13, 2022
Tyland is an active toddler who loves to climb and play. This indoor playset would allow Tyland the space to be a kid and have fun, while still working on developing his gross motor skills. Tyland would be so excited to receive this wish so he can access it every time he wants to do some fun, cool flips and spins.

Tyland is 4 years old and lives in OH

Tyland is a sweet and happy toddler. He loves to play and run around. Tyland has a lazy eye and possible seizure activity that is being monitored by the doctor. Tyland was placed in foster care as his medical needs were not being addressed. He also was exposed to domestic violence and substance abuse. He is in a foster home receiving love, support and nurturing. Tyland is such a special little guy who brings so much joy to those surrounding him!

The Wish Story

Adriel Foster Care and Adoption requests this wish for Tyland.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

*OSW Account grants the wish for Tyland! Thanks *OSW Account.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Adriel Foster Care and Adoption for Tyland.

Tyland receives the gift from Adriel Foster Care and Adoption!

"Thank you for granting this wish for Tyland! With the colder weather, there is more time of being inside. This indoor playset has allowed Tyland to have fun and work on his development skills. We appreciate your kindness! "

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