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A Set of Bicycle Lights for Kristiona to be able to see on her way to work

Posted Sep 22, 2022
Kristiona does not own a car and most often rides her bike to work everyday at 5 am like clockwork. She needs some lights for the front of her bike so she can see, the lights on the streets don't provide near enough light to guide her. She also like these because they clip on so she can take them on and off everyday without worrying about them getting stolen. Plus they will increase he safety!

Kristiona is 27 years old and lives in Grand Junction, CO

Originally, Kristiona was placed in Foster Care at the age of two where she was adopted, only to again be bounced around from foster home to foster home at the age of nine. At which time it was discovered by the school that for years she was being severely neglected, and abused sexually, physically, and mentally. Exposed to watching domestic abuse and often violent encounters from a sibling who, while blackout drunk, did not realize what he was doing. It wasn’t until the night after Kristiona held a gun to her head that Law Enforcement would do anything about what was going on in her home. At which point custody was taken and she would bounce around from group home, to treatment center, to treatment center. Daily abuse occurred within each of those places. At the age of 15, the adopted parents finally voluntarily relinquished custody and Kristiona was stable enough to go to a loving foster home, where she remained until January 2015. She became independent and started her college journey and has been successful at it despite everyday obstacles and reoccurring abuse from biological family. Since then, despite many medical obstacles and hoops in general, Kristiona has graduated from CMU with her Bachelor's degree and is looking at continuing her education by pursuing a Master's in Social Work or a Master's in Nonprofit Management. She recently started her career at an Early Head Start Preschool as a teacher of young children. Kristiona is committed to breaking a generational cycle of abuse and lack of education. Her ultimate goal is to own and run a summer camp for foster children that is not only fun, but can also provide them with therapeutic and mentoring supports.

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"Reading your story was really inspiring. Breaking that cycle is an amazing accomplishment and I wish you luck in all your future endeavors! "

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