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A Trampoline for Brookelynn to jump away her energy while having fun

Posted Nov 9, 2022
Brookelynn has so much extra energy due to her autism and needs lots of movement and stimulation. She uses a trampoline at therapy to bounce and it helps regulate her and expend some energy. Having this trampoline at home will provide an activity outside for her to release the extra energy and help with her emotions so she doesn't get overwhelmed so easy. She would be so excited to have her own place to jump.

Brookelynn is 4 years old and lives in TN

Brookelynn is such a vibrant little girl. She is so full of spirit and energy. She is on the spectrum and has been going to a special education preschool and loves playing with her friends there. It has helped her so much and she is really beginning to blossom and has starting to talk more and more. Brookelynn is very interested in anything outside. She is being raised by her grandparents who say she is such a blessing to them!

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