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Groceries for De'Johnnae who is so excited to cook a homemade meal after many months facing homelessness

Posted Nov 28, 2022
De'Johnnae has been homeless and living in her car for the past few months, but things are looking up as she has worked endlessly to get housing and to improve her living conditions. De'Johnnae is asking for assistance to help her get some groceries in order to make a homemade holiday meal. One of De'Johnnae's favorite hobbies is cooking, but living in her car has prevented her from doing so. It would be so rewarding for De'Johnnae to cook a meal with her partner and to share with her family during the holidays. It is a milestone that is huge to her, and she would really appreciate any help she can get to help her buy some healthy food, pies, and a Turkey.

De' Johnnae is 24 years old and lives in Moreno Valley, CA

In 2006, De' Johnnae was placed in foster care. From the age of 7 to 15, De' Johnnae's relationship with the foster system, CPS, and her parents would be extremely complicated as she was in and out of the system, as well as her family home. However, De' Johnnae continued to persevere and by the age of 17, she graduated high school after excelling in her academics and education. She continued onto college and got connected to a community that she truly enjoyed being involved with. The COVID-19 pandemic presented many obstacles that prevented her from completing her college career. De' Johnnae hopes to return to finish up her college degree one day and to go to cosmetology school to become a professional hairstylist.

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Awesome Human grants the wish for De' Johnnae! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Blessings to you! Please enjoy your gift to make that exciting homemade meal :)"

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"Thank you so much! Your kindness will never be forgotten."

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