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About Maggie

Maggie is 31 years old and lives in NJ

Maggie is a young woman who aged out of foster care when she was 21. During her 7 years in foster care, she lived in 7 placements in the first 4 years and then spent the last 3 years living independently or with friends. Even though she is no longer in the system, Maggie is still incredibly active in raising awareness and support for kids in care. As the President of the Ocean County Youth Advisory Board, she has traveled all over the state and to DC to advocate for the rights of children impacted by child welfare. Maggie is currently working and attending college full time to become a therapist that focuses on trauma and wants to use those skills to assist children in care and our military. Maggie enjoys playing video games, doing arts and crafts, and reading. She is also stepmom to two adorable kids (Isabella and Hunter) and loves it!