About Chilano

Chilano is 3 years old and lives in Colorado Springs, CO

Chilano is an amazing and resilient little guy who has already lived a very hard life. He has been in a wonderful foster home since he was just 6 months old. Chilano is not expected to ever be able to walk, but he did get a wheelchair 6 months ago and has been doing great with it! He is beginning to respond to queue’s his amazing foster/adopt mom gives him. Chilano has a twin brother who is placed with him. They are extremely close and love playing together with all things “little boys” like cars, trucks, balls and anything having to do with sports! Chilano desperately wants to be able to do whatever his brother can do and it is important that he be able to get out in his wheelchair. Despite his past, Chilano is a very happy little boy with huge potential!


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