About Autumn

Autumn is 46 years old and lives in Vancouver, WA

Autumn remembers a lot from her time in foster care. Unfortunately, she went through some of the most terrible and unthinkable traumas that anyone could experience, and despite those experiences, she has persevered to become an incredible role model, sister, friend and mother. In her early childhood, she spend a lot of time locked in a room, without food or care that any human needs. When she was placed in foster care, she remembers moving a lot. Looking back, she knows she was not an easy child. She rebelled, broke things and was labeled unadoptable. When she aged out she worked and had my own apartment. She finished high school while working and paying her own bills.Without the support of anyone. She reconnected with her sister after foster care and starting to parent her. Shortly after she adopted her sister's two children and being a parent helped Autumn see her life's purpose.


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