About Lovina

Lovina is 18 years old and lives in San Francisco, CA

In Lovina's own words: I really enjoy reading and cooking. I also really love to sing, dance, and exercise. I really care about my future, and I want to make something out of myself. I wanna learn to be more independent. I tend to put others before me a lot. I have a really hard time finding friends because it's hard to trust people now a days. It's really hard to find good friends. I'm very shy, and I don't even know where to look for friends. I'm actually insecure about myself in some ways. I just want to be loved. I was neglected a lot as a child. I don't talk to my brothers and sisters because we are all different. We are not close at all. I want to have good relationships with people. I've always wanted like a big sister or somebody positive, and somebody I can go shopping or hangout with. There are times where I feel really lonely and unloved. I find it hard to find a partner that understands me. Life is so hard for me right now, but I do want to finish school and go on to college. I want to be successful."


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