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New Clothes for Lovina who is on the Job Hunt

Posted Mar 11, 2019
Lovina is on the job hunt and is super excited about where this will take her. She would love to go pick out some awesome new interview appropriate clothing as well as some notepads and pens to be prepared.

Lovina is 18 years old and lives in San Francisco, CA

In Lovina's own words: I really enjoy reading and cooking. I also really love to sing, dance, and exercise. I really care about my future, and I want to make something out of myself. I wanna learn to be more independent. I tend to put others before me a lot. I have a really hard time finding friends because it's hard to trust people now a days. It's really hard to find good friends. I'm very shy, and I don't even know where to look for friends. I'm actually insecure about myself in some ways. I just want to be loved. I was neglected a lot as a child. I don't talk to my brothers and sisters because we are all different. We are not close at all. I want to have good relationships with people. I've always wanted like a big sister or somebody positive, and somebody I can go shopping or hangout with. There are times where I feel really lonely and unloved. I find it hard to find a partner that understands me. Life is so hard for me right now, but I do want to finish school and go on to college. I want to be successful."

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Jennifer grants the wish for Lovina! Thanks Jennifer.

"Lovina, I hope you get some clothes that help you feel special. I'm excited for you. I'll be cheering for your success and happiness. with love, Jen"

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