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About Keirston

Keirston is 11 years old and lives in AL

Keirston was removed from her home along with her baby brother a year ago due to severe neglect and sexual abuse. She started third grade at her new school this past year. When she was evaluated, it was noted that she was on a kindergarten level in all subjects. She was very reserved and wouldn’t even speak to teachers or other students. Her aunt who she lives with got her IEP set up and working with a wonderful special education teacher. Now Keirston is slowly beginning to smile more. She comes home from school talking about things she learned in school, and how she has made friends! She has received an award for A-B honor roll and was voted student with the “prettiest smile”. Outside of school she likes to play softball on her travel team. She has a cousin who lives close by and gives Keirston rides on her four-wheeler which is by far Keirston's favorite thing. She loves animals and has her own dog, Ella who Keirston takes excellent care of. Her best friend is her cousin that live with her who is also 10. They’re 3 months apart to the day and they do everything together.