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COVID-19 Response

How One Simple Wish is responding to the COVID-19 crisis

At this scary and uncertain time we must look out for the most vulnerable among us. Those in foster care, group homes and other resource-strained settings are especially vulnerable, as are those that have aged out of foster care. Even before the pandemic began, these young people faced homelessness and poverty at rates far exceeding the general public. Many are without the safety net of a family or community of support. As schools reopen online, many do not have access to the technology needed for remote learning. Since 2008, One Simple Wish has been a dedicated resource for all impacted by foster care and we continue to work tirelessly to be here for everyone who needs us. For more on how we distribute laptops and how funding is used, please read the FAQs at the bottom of the page.



If you have aged out and would like to submit a wish for a laptop or assistance with other essentails email us at [email protected]. Please note that laptop wishes will be filled with a Chromebook and the recipient must currently be enrolled in school and have a contact name and phone number or email for a case worker who can verify your time in care.

If you are currently in foster care please work through your caseworker/advocate to get your wishes submitted. If you are a caseworker/advocate, please create a free community partner account with us here to start submitting wishes.


Donate to our COVID-19 Response Fund. Groceries. Gas cards. Laptops. Tablets. Educational tools. Games and crafts. Medical supplies not covered by insurance. PLEASE help us ensure all these needs are met ASAP. All funds raised will be used to grant wishes that provide essential support to those in foster care, group homes and those that aged out.

GOAL: $250,000

Donate by mail:
One Simple WIsh
1977 N Olden Ave #292
Trenton, NJ 08618
ATTN: COVID-19 Response Fund


Browse specific wishes for COVID-19 support items.
When going to the search page, check the box for "COVID-19" to view the list of needs.

Contact us at [email protected] with any questions or to offer additional support. Please note that we cannot coordinate mentorship, housing with unknown individuals or other in-person resources at this time.


How do you determine who gets a laptop?

All requests for laptops are given the same priority and can either be granted online through our wish-granting platform or through our Wish Funds. When using a Wish Fund, we grant wishes in the order they were received.

Do you partner with any manufacturers to get a better deal?

While we have tried to work directly with Apple, Acer, Asus, Google, Microsoft and others, we have not been able to establish any volume discounts. However, our team scours the internet daily to ensure we are always getting the highest quality items at the lowest possible cost. Many times, these deals are better than any volume discounts offered direct.

I have seen other nonprofits getting laptops for under $200. Why are yours $300?

We always fill wishes with brand new laptops. That is our policy. Refurbished laptops may be available at a lower price but we prefer to use new equipment to ensure they have the latest technology available and that they will not need to be replaced in a year.

How can I donate my used laptop?

With our current resources and contactless giving policy, we cannot accept used laptops.

Can I set up a family or company Wish Fund so that our friends, family and/or employees can give collectively?

Yes! Please contact [email protected] to learn more.