COVID-19 Response

How One Simple Wish is responding to the COVID-19 crisis

At this scary and uncertain time we must look out for the most vulnerable among us. Those that have aged out of foster care already face homelessness and poverty at rates far exceeding the general public. Many are without the safety net of a family or community of support. As schools close, many do not have access to the technology needed for remote learning. Since 2008, One Simple Wish has been a dedicated resource for all impacted by foster care and we continue to work tirelessly to be here for everyone who needs us.



(if you are in foster care or have aged out)

Request a laptop for remote learning here. Please note that you must currently be enrolled in school and have a contact name and phone number or email for a case worker who can verify your time in care.

Request assistance with essentials like food, gas cards and other items by emailing us here. We will do our best to respond asap.


Donate to our Educational Wish Fund. We currently have a $25,000 Matching Challenge through March 31. You can read more about it here.

Donate to our COVID-19 Response Fund. All funds raised will be used to grant wishes that provide essential support to those in foster care, group homes and those that aged out.

Browse specific wishes for COVID-19 support items. When going to the search page, check the box for "COVID-19" to view the list of needs.

Contact us at with any questions or to offer additional support. Please note that we cannot coordinate mentorship, housing with unknown individuals or other in-person resources at this time.