1 - About the Campaign

Send us the copy that you would like included on your custom page here.  It's a good place to tell everyone about yourself, your company, or the group campaign and explain why you are supporting One Simple Wish. 3-5 sentences are perfect.

2. How to Support My Campaign/Additional Information

If you would like, this secondary space can be used to explain here how a person can grant a wish or donate to One Simple Wish to support your campaign. You can include infroamtion about matching gifts (if applicable) or any other notes to your supporters.  This space is optional and can be left blank or be used as a general about One Simple Wish space.

Get Started Now!

Email info@onesimplewish.org with the image you would like used on the page (1220 x 325) as well as the copy you would like displayed and we can get your page created right away for you!  Please be sure to note if you want your page to be a general donation page (like this one) or if you prefer to display wishes that individuals can choose to grant!

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