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About This Wish

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A Bandolier Crossbody Phone Case for Diamante to match her sister who is very trendy

Posted Jan 26, 2023
Diamante would like a Bandolier iphone crossbody just like her sister. Although Diamante is older then her sister she looks up to her for fashion advice. Her sister likes trendy items. Diamante stays informed with the trends from her sister. Diamante likes the Bandolier crossbody. She thinks it will be a great way to keep her phone on her at all times and not loose it. Diamante has been known to loose her cell phone various times. She has even left it at a mall by accident once.

Diamante is 16 years old and lives in Van Nuys, CA

Diamante is a strong young girl who has endured many obstacles in life. Diamante is resilient and optimistic. Diamante is currently in foster care. Diamante would like to be a social worker one day so that she can work with foster youth like herself. She says she would be a compassionate social worker and always place the needs of the children first. Diamante's goal is to get into a college to start her bachelors in social work and continue on to get her masters.

The Wish Story

Penny Lane Centers requests this wish for Diamante.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Tam grants the wish for Diamante! Thanks Tam.

"Hi Diamante! What an amazing name you have! I hope that you enjoy the crossbody. I like them too because they leave your hands free to do whatever. Good luck with school! "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Penny Lane Centers for Diamante.

Diamante receives the gift from Penny Lane Centers!

"Diamante loves her new cross body. She wore it to school and received many compliments. Diamante says she always knows where her phone and money are because they are in one place now. "

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