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About This Wish

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A Toddler Bed for Jaiden to sleep comfortably in at night

Posted Jan 26, 2023
Jaiden has outgrown his crib. He needs a toddler bed to sleep comfortably in at night. Jaiden needs to be able to get in and out of his bed when needed. Jaiden is excited for his big boy bed. Jaiden can't wait to switch out his crib. This is the beginning of Jaiden becoming a little independent. He started potty training and will be able to get out of his bed if needed to use the restroom. Jaiden is an active sleeper so he will still need a safety rail to make sure he doesn't fall out of his bed.

Jaiden is 2 years old and lives in SYLMAR, CA

Jaiden is a happy boy who likes to run and play. Jaiden is currently in foster care. Jaiden enjoys going to the local park. Jaiden's favorite thing to do at the park is go down the slides. He can stay their for hours. Jaiden likes all things trucks. He loves trucks and playing with them. He also gets excited when he sees large trucks whether their trash trucks, mail trucks or food trucks. Jaiden will even go touch the tires if he sees a truck up close parked in a parking lot. Jaiden likes to admire the big wheels.

The Wish Story

Penny Lane Centers requests this wish for Jaiden.

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Awesome Human grants the wish for Jaiden! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Enjoy! God Bless!!!"

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Penny Lane Centers receives the wish!

Jaiden receives the gift from Penny Lane Centers!

"Penny Lane Center's thanks you for granting Jaiden's wish!"

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