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A Few New Themed Clothes for Carla to have fun with her daughter at the Disney Store

Posted Mar 8, 2023
After the pandemic, Carla lost her job with Amazon due to her seasonal employment status. She has been desperately seeking employment but has yet to find something. She has been struggling to scrape by and find the positives in life. She has been dreaming of getting her daughter some fun clothes from the Disney Store and being able to create memories for her to look back on. This wish will provide her with fun during a time full of stress.

Carla is 21 years old and lives in CA

Carla is participating in our Independent program for extended foster care. While in the program, she gave birth to her now 11-month-old daughter. Carla was in a domestic violence relationship with her daughter's dad. However, she managed to get help and move out of the county into an apartment where she and her daughter feel safe.

The Wish Story

Walden Family Services requests this wish for Carla.

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Awesome Human grants the wish for Carla! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Carla, I hope this helps and that you and your daughter have a great time shopping. Take care of yourself!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Walden Family Services for Carla.

Carla receives the wish from Walden Family Services

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