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A wish for Smart TV so Thomas can connect with his tablet and to help hm be more independent

Posted Mar 8, 2023
Thomas wants more independence in his life. He has a very limited range of motion and frequently has to ask for help, even when changing a movie. However, with a smart TV, he will be able to connect his tablet and change the movie with a click of a button. He will be so excited to get one more way to increase his independence.

Thomas is 31 years old and lives in MO

Thomas was transferred to our area from another state. He has moved to various states and is now happy at home here. Thomas loves movies! He lives for his movies. He cannot speak, but he can use some sign language, and he can watch movies all day long. He is a big movie buff. He loves to laugh and will get you to smile no matter what. He uses a wheelchair and requires support to help him in daily life. He does not have the motor skills to insert his movies into the player, and he cannot connect with the tablet he uses because he does not have a Smart TV. Thomas tells us he is depressed because he cannot get his movies to work. He loves all movies, but funny comedies and Disney are his favorites. He loves someone to visit him and make new friends. He loves soft pajamas, his favorite food is pizza and he loves sitting outside in the sunshine.

The Wish Story

Abilities First requests this wish for Thomas.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Give Now, Grant Later 22-23 grants the wish for Thomas! Thanks Give Now, Grant Later 22-23.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Abilities First for Thomas.

Abilities First receives the wish!

Thomas receives the gift from Abilities First !

"Thank you for my Smart TV. This made my whole year and is something I only dreamed of. I can use it now to work on being more independent and connect my tablet to it. I love my movies and even though I might lack some motor skills, I can use this TV to use my tablet. I have been able to connect my tablet to it and change my own channels, work my apps, and play games, and control what movies I love to watch. Thank you for helping me be more independent and for helping me have choices in my own life. "

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