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A new bike for Caleb to replace the bike that was stolen

Posted Jul 17, 2023
Caleb had an awesome bike that his Chafee services bought last year. He even had a chain for it. He and his foster brother had their bikes stolen at night, locks cut and all. He was excited to get to be able to ride this bike to his upcoming VR job, as it allowed him just a little bit of independence. Caleb would benefit from a replacement bike so that he can get to and from work. This will allow him to reach goals and thrive as an independent adult.

Caleb is 21 years old and lives in MO

Caleb is a very special youth and lives with an amazing host family in Sedalia MO. He will be starting work with VR services soon on a part-time basis. Caleb will never be able to drive a car or work on a full-time basis, as he requires extra assistance on a regular basis. He is very fun to sit down and just chat with. He has come so far with the trauma of his past.

The Wish Story

Preferred Family Health Services requests this wish for Caleb.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Caleb! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Hey, Caleb, Good luck with your new job!! I hope you really enjoy it and I hope you enjoy your new wheels! Have a great time! and ride carefully!!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Preferred Family Health Services for Caleb.

Caleb receives the gift from Preferred Family Health Services!

"Let me tell you all this. I have never had a Youth dress up in a suit and tie for a visit with me. When the youth walked out it made me smile. He knew I was going to snap a picture. He could not believe somebody was willing to buy his dream bike. He is so thankful to the donor. Thank You for giving this young man one of the biggest gifts he has ever recieved. "

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