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A super fun new swingset for Hailey who lost hers in a severe storm

Posted Jun 30, 2023
Hailey had an old wooden swing set that was destroyed in a severe storm and she really misses being able to swing in her backyard. Her favorite thing was the saucer swing, she would get so relaxed and has even fallen asleep on it. She asks her grandmother every day when they can get a new swing. Hailey would have the biggest smile and be so excited if her wish for a new swing were granted. She would run get her little brother so he could play with her!

Hailey is 7 years old and lives in OH

Hailey loves to sing and dance she makes up her own songs. She is very outgoing but also very shy. She loves to make silly faces and make everyone laugh. She loves watching challenge shows then she likes to try them herself, especially the messy ones like making slime and the drink challenges. Her grandmother that she lives with puts different drinks out for her and always includes a really sour one. The faces she makes will definitely make you laugh . Hailey just finished her first year of kindergarten which is a huge accomplishment! She had a very hard start and struggled most of the year but the teacher helped her a lot and by last grading period she was passing everything .

The Wish Story

Grandparents As Parents requests this wish for Hailey.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Hailey! Thanks Awesome Human.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Grandparents As Parents for Hailey.

Hailey receives the gift from Grandparents As Parents!

"Hailey is so excited to be swinging on her swing set . She doesn’t want to come inside . It will be almost dark and she still wanting to swing . I can not thank you enough for making my granddaughter so happy. She squealed with excitement when the delivery driver told her it looks like someone sent you a swing set. She could not wait to get it together she was trying to help the whole time . She wanted to draw you pic of her and her brother swinging . I will enclose pic of it and pic of her swinging . You are such a blessing thank you so very much not only did u make Hailey very happy little girl but her sibling to. Thank you , from Hailey and her MawMaw"

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