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A convertible carseat for Cade who is growing very quickly

Posted Jul 12, 2023
Cade is growing rapidly and has almost outgrown his infant car seat. He desires to sit in a big boy seat alongside his foster brothers while traveling in the car. Cade is frequently taken to daycare, the splash pad, and other enjoyable activities, and he requires a comfortable seat that can fit three seats across in his foster nana's car. This seat will grow with Cade, allowing him to get taller and older and still be safe for many years.

Cade is 10 months old and lives in AZ

Cade is a sweet infant who is placed with a single foster mom and another infant, just a month older than him. Cade was born substance exposed and has overcome many odds! He is very cuddly!

The Wish Story

Grace Retreat Foster Care and Adoption Services requests this wish for Cade.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Sharon grants the wish for Cade! Thanks Sharon.

"Enjoy, Cade!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Grace Retreat Foster Care and Adoption Services for Cade.

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