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All the supplies Joey will need to ace this year

Posted Jul 28, 2023
Joey is very thoughtful. He thinks things through before doing them, he’s a planner. He says that when he has a plan, he doesn’t feel so nervous; he knows what’s coming and is ready for it. He feels the same way about school this year. This school supply bundle comes with anything and everything he will need this year. It includes the musts like paper and pencils but also some extras like tissues and a cute little stress ball. He will feel prepared and ready to conquer school!

Joey is 5 years old and lives in FL

Joey is the most loving little boy. He greatly looks up to his older brother and wants to do everything he does. He has a heart of gold, always helping his friends when they get upset or rescuing baby frogs in the road. He’s the kind of boy to capture a spider to let it go outside because “He has a family too.”. He’s never without a smile or his Blippi stuffie. He certainly loves Blippi.

The Wish Story

South Florida Wellness Network requests this wish for Joey.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Joey! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Joey, Keep being kind and helping others! The world is yours!! "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the South Florida Wellness Network for Joey.

Joey receives the wish from South Florida Wellness Network

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