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A nice leather looking backpack for Adriana to carry her things for college

Posted Jul 30, 2023
Adriana was gifted a backpack that looked just like a giant cheeseburger when she became a freshman in high school. She loved it and carried it everyday clear until the last day of her senior year. It's time for something new now that she is going to college. She would love this new leather looking backpack to carry everything she will be needing for her college classes.

Adriana is 18 years old and lives in TN

Adriana is a very talented, compassionate, wise, creative, loving, Christian teenage girl. She has also been singing since before she could speak words and singing to her brother since he was born. He still loves for her to sing to him! Adriana is an artist who loves to sketch, paint and draw. Adriana is starting her senior year in high school this week and will be the first to graduate in her family in 30 years. She is determined to break the cycle of teen moms and unwed mothers in her family. She fights every day to keep her grades up as she suffers from anxiety and depression. She also has a disability with numbers so math is a huge monster to her. You would never know it by looking at her grades though. She wants to go to an art school with graphic or fine arts as her major and theater as her minor. She is a fantastic songwriter composer and actor. Music is her life! She loves classical music and '50s and 60s love songs. She plays a ukulele and has written a few songs herself. She judges no one and accepts friends of all types. Her friends adore her and there are large group of them. She is a band geek who plays the trumpet and loves marching band as well. She volunteers taking care of the babies in the nursery at her church every Sunday and goes to her youth group every Wednesday. She's not your typical teenager. She has chosen to not get involved in relationships with boys because her education is more important and does not want to cloud her head with those things at this point in her life. Adriana is on her way to being on the worship team at church as well. She is a great role model to her 3 younger siblings even though only she and her brother are being raised by their grandparents.

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