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A mini fridge for Tyland who loves to help in the kitchen

Posted Sep 28, 2023
Tyland has always loved to help in the kitchen and has his own little kitchen set up right in the family kitchen. Tyland would love to have his own mini fridge to add to his own kitchen setup. He will be able to keep his drinks in his fridge and learn day-to-day skills. He will be thrilled to have a fridge just his size that really keeps things cold.

Tyland is 3 years old and lives in OH

Tyland is a sweet and happy toddler. He loves to play and run around. Tyland has a lazy eye and possible seizure activity that is being monitored by the doctor. Tyland was placed in foster care as his medical needs were not being addressed. He also was exposed to domestic violence and substance abuse. He is in a foster home receiving love, support and nurturing. Tyland is such a special little guy who brings so much joy to those surrounding him!