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A super fun trampoline for Matthew for his back yard to have lots of jumping fun

Posted Sep 28, 2023
Matthew has always wanted a trampoline and would love to have his own for the back yard. He has lots of energy and would be able to jump and get some of that energy out. He knows how much fun a trampoline is because one of his friends have one and he gets to jump on it from time to time. He has gotten pretty good at turning flips! He says if his wish were granted that he would even share with his sister!

Matthew is 8 years old and lives in PA

Matthew is such a kind and caring young man who is being raised by his grandmother along with his sister. He likes helping others and says it feels good when he does. He likes riding his bike and being outdoors. He wants to learn to fish but doesn't have anyone to teach him. He loves school and is an excellent student.