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Stella’s dream gift is to visit Disneyland with her family

Posted Aug 22, 2023
Stella has been asking to visit Disney for her birthday every single year. She dreams of a time when she can all experience the magic of Disney with her family, worry-free, fully enjoying the rides and the wonder of the parks, and create memories together at the happiest place on earth. She especially wants to go on the big rides and see the Star Wars section. Stella comes from a low-income single-parent household, and any support will make a huge difference in making this dream come true for her.

Stella is 12 years old and lives in CA

Stella is a very strong, smart, creative, and sensitive girl that has big plans and dreams for the future. She loves to write and dreams of becoming a writer one day. The youngest of three girls she has had an opportunity to learn from her sisters and enjoy all the love and affection that comes with being the youngest. Stella loves the ocean and animals, especially dogs. She is the happiest to be with her family and loves to have experiences together. Even though she had to face numerous challenges and hardships throughout her young life Stella’s attitude remains optimistic and hopeful.

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"I was once a kid in foster care myself and never got to take vacations with my family or loved ones. Once I graduated college I took my wife to Disneyland for my first family vacation, happy you dont have to wait so long. Enjoy your day and know that you can accomplish amazing things!"

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