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Groceries for Lewis to fill his fridge while he finds a new job

Posted Sep 6, 2023
Lewis is in need of a Publix gift card to purchase groceries for the week. He recently moved to Jacksonville and would like to stock up his refrigerator with goodies and frozen food. This will help him out while he searches for a new job.

Lewis is 19 years old and lives in FL

Lewis is a great young man. He entered foster care at the age of 10 and experienced movement within the system until he reached 18. Lewis has faced challenges along the way. He is actively working towards finding employment and establishing the stability he has always desired. He has a can-do attitude and plans to reach his goals.

The Wish Story

Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County requests this wish for Lewis.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Christine grants the wish for Lewis! Thanks Christine.

"I hope this helps you fill your fridge!. Best wishes to a happy, loving and fun-filled life!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County for Lewis.

Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County receives the wish!

Lewis receives the gift from Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County!

"Thank you for the generous Publix gift card you provided for Lewis. He compiled a grocery list yesterday, jotting down the ingredients he needs to try out new recipes. This experience has even inspired him to consider culinary school as a future option. He's looking forward to making the dishes from scratch. He wanted to let you know how much he appreciated this gift! Thanks again!!"

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