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Girls day out for Hannah to have fun and let loose

Posted Sep 17, 2023
Hannah, a remarkable young student, is hoping for a $100 digital gift card to Dave & Busters arcade to enjoy a day out with her friends. By granting Hannah's wish, you will not only bring her happiness but also provide her with a chance to work on her well-being. Spending time with her peers at the arcade can greatly boost her self-esteem and overall happiness. Additionally, being around individuals who have experienced similar challenges can help Hannah realize that her own life may not be as difficult as she once thought. This experience could have a positive impact on her social interactions and academic performance.

Hannah is 16 years old and lives in NJ

Hannah is an amazing person with a truly inspiring journey. She's faced a lot of challenges, but her resilience and determination are truly admirable. Despite everything, Hannah is determined to overcome her emotional issues and build strong, meaningful relationships. She's got a lot of cool hobbies that bring her joy and comfort - for instance, she's an amazing artist! Drawing is one of her favorite ways to express her creativity and escape into a world of imagination. It's also a great way for her to work through her emotions. Hannah also loves listening to music to help her relax and unwind. Besides her artistic pursuits, Hannah is also into watching YouTube videos and playing video games. These fun activities provide her with a sense of entertainment and allow her to connect with others who share her interests. While Hannah may feel a bit uncomfortable in big groups, spending time with a small circle of friends who understand and appreciate her would create a safe and inclusive environment for her to enjoy these hobbies with others.

The Wish Story

Kairos Faith Sisterhood and Champions Corporation requests this wish for Naveah.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Alexis grants the wish for Naveah! Thanks Alexis.

"Naveah, I want you to know I have endured awful awful things in life as you have. Keep working on yourself. Keep up with loving yourself. At one point I thought it was over, but I kept doing the work. One day, I had a moment that I felt deep inside of the places I was trying to heal, and I felt hope. I’ll never forget that moment. And I kept going. Today, I tell my story to inspire others. I have been so blessed with understanding and empathy from my experiences. Everything you do, do with love."

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Kairos Faith Sisterhood and Champions Corporation for Naveah.

Naveah receives the gift from Kairos Faith Sisterhood and Champions Corporation !

"Dear wish granter We are immensely grateful for your generous contribution in granting Hannah's wish for a $100 Dave & Busters arcade gift card on behalf of Kairos Faith Sisterhood and Champions Corporation. Your kindness and support have made a significant impact on her life and the lives of those we serve. Your willingness to help and make a difference in the lives of struggling individuals is truly inspiring. By granting Hannah's wish, you have provided her with an incredible opportunity to have a day of fun and excitement with her friends at Dave & Busters. We extend our heartfelt thanks to you for making this experience possible. Your generosity serves as a reminder of the goodness and compassion that exists in this world. With sincerest gratitude, Kimberly Perry Executive Director Kairos Faith Sisterhood and Champions Corporation"

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