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Disney souvenirs for Marcus during his special trip

Posted Oct 19, 2023
Marcus recently transitioned to a new foster home and remains in placement without his siblings. His foster family is eager to have Marcus attend a trip with them to Disney. Marcus has never been to Disney, and this would provide a new experience for him! He has an upcoming birthday and would be thrilled to get this gift card for souvenirs and make a memorable trip with his foster family!

Marcus is 13 years old and lives in NJ

Marcus is an energetic and social young man who is currently in foster care without his siblings. He is hopeful about his future and is eager to develop healthy relationships and attachments to appropriate people in his life as a result of the separation from his own family of origin. He enjoys drawing, learning, and engaging in activities within the community.

The Wish Story

Isabella grants the wish for Marcus! Thanks Isabella.

"Hope you have lots of fun in Disney, Marcus! Say hello to Mickey for me!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the The Mentor Network for Marcus.

Marcus receives the wish from The Mentor Network

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